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Lolita diary

Momoko Kitade
31 May
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  • momoelle@livejournal.com
Here I am...Momoko!
I'm 19 years and I live in Italy with my parents. I've an awesome boyfriend who is so pretty and kind with me ^^
My passions?
Lolita, drawing and animals!
I've a beautiful pug called Rocco and an amazing American Staffordshire terrier called Zorro.
Contact me if you wanna see their photos ^^

About my style...I love dressing lolita ^^
My style is sweet lolita and sometimes kuro loli and classic loli.
My favourite brand is absolutly Baby the stars shine bright.

My favourite singer is Nana Kitade!^^

I love also watching movies. My favourite director's Quentin Tarantino and I love all of his movies except for "Jackie Brown". I love also Tim Burton and Sofia Coppola.
My favourite movies are "The fabouloux destins of Amelie Poulain", "Kill Bill", "Pulp Fiction", "Reservoir Dogs","Nightmare before Christmas", "Marie Antoniette", "Shimotsuma Monogatari".